A Skier Jumps a Helicopter, Skis Through a Barn, and Steals a Horse

It starts to get really crazy after the helicopter jump at 2:50

There’s a professional skier in France with a YouTube series called “One of Those Days”, where he does crazy tricks with a GoPro on. And his newest video is nuts.

He skis through a news van while both side doors are open . . . jumps over a helicopter while its blades are spinning . . . then skis through a barn and crashes through a window.

Then there’s a guy on skis getting pulled by a horse, and the first guy knocks him over and STEALS it. It ends with him skiing into a lake . . . gliding halfway across it on his skis . . . and grabbing a rope connected to another helicopter that lifts him up in the air.

There are a bunch of edits in it, so it’s not clear if he used special effects or not. But if he didn’t, it’s pretty incredible.

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