Quantcast Dramatic Body-Cam Footage of a Sheriff's Deputy Wounding a Gun-Wielding Suspect

Dramatic Body-Cam Footage of a Sheriff’s Deputy Wounding a Gun-Wielding Suspect

Body-cam from a sheriff’s deputy captures what appears to be a routine traffic stop . . . until the suspect exits his car wielding an assault rifle. The deputy fires a shot in self-defense and wounds the guy . . . who then runs to the side of the road and surrenders.

Body camera footage shows Douglas County sheriff’s deputy Brad Proux shooting a suspect who got out of his car holding an assault rifle. Proux had seen a white SUV stopped on the side of a road while on patrol. He pulled over to assist the motorist only to be confronted by Deyon Marcus Rivas-Maestas. Proux shot Rivas-Maestas once in the arm. Rivas-Maestas was booked Wednesday into the Douglas County jail on a charge of first-degree assault against a police officer.

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