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Are These the Five Dumbest Halloween Costumes This Year?


Edgy Halloween costumes are trickier than they used to be.  Because if you offend someone, you’ll probably be branded as a pariah on social media and lose your job.

So the costume companies are trying to help . . . by selling a bunch of TERRIBLE “edgy” costumes.  Here are five of the worst offenders . . .

  1.   Sexy Pizza Rat.  Can you dress up as a viral video and still look hot?  This costume says . . . well, you can try.
    It’s basically a sexy mouse costume with two pieces of pizza sewn onto the hips.  For the small price of NINETY  dollars.
  2.   Poop Emoji Mask.  You’ve probably sent someone the poop emoji . . . why not wear it on your head?  At least it’s only $28.
  3.   Sexually Suggestive Italian waiter.  It’s just a black apron with a fake bowl of pasta.
    But there’s a sausage that sticks out . . . so when you hold it right, it looks like the sausage is your junk.
    Women will definitely find it attractive.   It’s $35.
  4.   Sexy Donald Trump.  Basically a terrible wig, a red hat that says “make America great,” a blue blazer, white shirt, red tie, and short blue shorts.  It costs $70.
  5.   “P” Magnet.  It’s a large polyester magnet you wear around your neck with a few kittens attached.  The innuendo is NOT subtle.  It costs $36.

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