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Ever wondered what the lights on your cars dash mean?

Finally I know what's wrong with my car! It's "this" !!


That light labeled “this”. The Check Engine Light.
One day I get a call from my then girlfriend saying that the submarine light came on in her car and she wasn’t sure what it meant or if it was a serious problem.
“The what?”
“You know. The submarine light…”

True Story


Just in case you NEED to know what they really mean, here’s a handy guide.

  • 1st row: Washer Fluid, Battery Voltage Low, HVAC Recirculate, Rear Defrost, Door Open, Glow Plugs
  • 2nd row: Airbag, HVAC Fan, Airmix Blend, Seatbelt, Low Fuel, A/C
  • 3rd row: Oil Pressure Low, Check Engine, Low Beam, Fog Lights, High Beam, Hazard Lights (4 way flashers)
  • 4th row: Windshield Washer, Hazard Lights (4 way flashers), Parking Brake/Low Brake Fluid, Coolant Temperature, Anti-lock Brakes, Electronic Stability Protection/Electronic Stability Control


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lights on your cars dash

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