Quantcast Linkin Park Says They Didn't Sell Out

LINKIN PARK is putting out their new album “One More Light” next Friday . . . but some fans are already bummed, because they think the poppier sound of their single “Heavy” is a sign that they’ve SOLD OUT.

Well, CHESTER BENNINGTON doesn’t want to hear it.  He says that if you’re expecting them to sound like they did 17 years ago . . . you’ll be disappointed.

Quote, “I don’t care.  If you like the music, fantastic.  If you don’t . . . that’s your opinion too.  Fantastic . . . When we made ‘Hybrid Theory’ [in 2000], I was the oldest guy in the band and in my early 20s.  “That’s why I guess I’m like:  ‘Why are we still talking about ‘Hybrid Theory’?’  It’s [effing] years ago.  It’s a great record, we love it.  Like, move the [eff] on.”

(You’re never going to please some people.  Pearl Jam sounds exactly like they did 30 years ago . . . and some people make fun of them for not evolving enough.)

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