Men Who Post a Lot of Selfies Are More Likely to be Psychopaths

Photo Credit: Flickr / Bastian
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Photo Credit: Flickr / Bastian

Apparently there’s a fine line between putting a photo of yourself on Facebook, and keeping chopped up body parts in your freezer.

A new study out of Ohio State University just found that men who post a lot of selfies score higher on tests that measure traits associated with being a PSYCHOPATH.

And guys who actually take the time to touch up their selfies and edit them before they post them score even HIGHER.

Those men also score high on tests for a trait that often goes hand-in-hand with psychopathy . . . they exhibit much higher levels of narcissism.

Now . . . just because a guy posts a lot of selfies doesn’t mean he’s 100% a psychopath. None of the men in the study scored high enough to be diagnosed an ACTUAL psychopath . . . they just had higher-than-average levels of antisocial traits.

The study only used male subjects, so the researchers don’t know if women who post a lot of selfies are also more likely to be psychotic narcissists.

(Ohio State University)

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