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Photos and Video of Slipknot Unmasked

(Banana 101.5) Before the rise of the Internet, it was damn near impossible to stumble upon the true faces of the masked nine known as Slipknot. However, as Stone Sour reunited in 2002, the identities of vocalist Corey Taylor and guitarist Jim Root became public for all to see. Finally, with the release of ‘Voliminal: Inside the Nine’ on DVD in 2006, the faces of the nine were officially revealed.

Although many fans have seen clear photos and video of Slipknot unmasked, it’s still tough to get a good image of members such as Craig Jones and Chris Fehn.

Therefore, Banana 101.5/Loudwire have released a video with the best unmasked Slipknot pics they could find, including ones of the late Paul Gray and former drummer Joey Jordison. Check out the video here.


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