Smash Mouth’s Twitter Account Will Argue with Anyone Who Says They’re a One-Hit Wonder

A lot of people think of SMASH MOUTH as a one-hit wonder, or as the “Shrek” band, because their song “All Star” was featured in the movie.

And every time someone Tweets something like that . . . and the band sees it . . . they’ll FIGHT BACK. went through their feed, and found 19 different times the band argued with people who called them a one-hit wonder.

It seems like a pointless fight, but they’re not going to let it go. Whenever people Tweet about them being the “Shrek” band, they point out that “All Star” was already a Top 10 single when the movie licensed it.

When people call them a one-hit wonder, they say stuff like, quote, “Two #1s . . . [We’re] six-hit wonders, with two #1s.” And they point out that their first #1 WASN’T “All Star” . . . it was “Walkin’ On the Sun”.

When someone said they have two hits and all the rest are covers, they Tweeted back, quote, “As long as you’re counting and have a selective memory, our stats: 8 Hits . . . 5 originals, 3 covers, 2 #1s.”

Technically, they haven’t had ANY #1s on the Hot 100, so apparently they’re referring to the Billboard Adult Top 40, which is very rock ‘n’ roll.

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