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St. Patrick’s Day Is Only America’s Fourth Drunkest Holiday, but are you ready?


If you’re taking St. Patrick’s Day off this Tuesday to go drinkin’, you’re fighting the good fight.

Somehow it turns out St. Patrick’s Day is only America’s FOURTH most popular drinking holiday . . . behind New Year’s Eve, Christmas, and the Fourth of July. Here are five more random stats about the holiday for you to suck down . . .

1. 82.4% of people will wear green this Tuesday.

2. There’s a 70% increase in CABBAGE shipments during the week leading up to the 17th.

3. Irish is the second-most common European ancestry in America, just behind German.

4. Massachusetts and New Hampshire are both more than 20% Irish.

5. And Americans will spend a total of $4.6 billion for the holiday . . . or an average of about $36.50 for every person celebrating.


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