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Vinny weeknights, Late Night on the Q94.5

Applied for 5 years to fulfill a lifelong dream of being in radio…

“One year I refused to leave the lobby of the ENTRAVISION building until I spoke to Alex Duran (the boss) and the receptionist told me she’d have the cops called on me…Needless to say I booked it pretty f**kin’ quick, man…”
I sent in a sound clip of my voice instead of ANOTHER paper application or resume’ …. not even a day later I received a phone call from HR to come in and audition … I was so nervous in the booth reading different liners for a few different people … production guys … dj’s…and even Alex Duran….he told me I was too nervous and sent my ass home 3 times and the last time he said, “dude if you cant go home, relax and do this the right way tomorrow….I’ve got to move on to someone else…”
I saw my future fading pretty quick so I buckled down and the folllowing day after my final audition … he stuck his hand out and said,  ” you got the job.”
Insta wood!
March 2017 marked my 2nd year with Q94.5 THE ROCK STATION and im proud to say that in my first year I managed to get voted by The Monitor Newspaper’s READERS CHOICE  “#1 On air personality in the RGV”.  For weeks I couldn’t believe it!!! I was too happy for myself and also for the fact that the station I work for got some recognition as well!!! The award hangs proudly in the Q booth…so if you are ever in the area stop by to check it out!!
I do a lot in the local community now as far as hosting events and MC work…MAINLY FOR THE RGV LOCAL BANDS!! Some of the best music out there!!
On my spare time I love kicking back with a cold beer, my pet duck, OTTO, and my acoustic guitar or bass and diddle the fiddle a bit…the Guit-Fiddle, that is!
**if you read this …. you are now part of an eleet group of people…when it comes to music they are some of the most dedicated and knowledgable you could ever have the pleasure of knowing… known collectively as the VINIONS!!!**