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Who’s responsible? Bar Owner Charged with Manslaughter for Letting Customer Take 56 Shots


The 57-year-old drinking champion named Renaud later died of a heart attack at his home, and the man’s daughter claims the bar owner had been cheering him on. It was all part of a drinking competition that took place last October. Renaud had already reportedly taken 14 shots before deciding he would challenge the record and he began his attempt by downing 30 additional shots in a single minute! How is that possible!?

Some of the shots were mixed, but others were straight liquor. By the time he broke the record of 55 shots, he’d gone through a liter of alcohol. A lawyer for the bar owner claims that the owner told Renaud he should stop, but says that patrons are responsible for their drinking decisions. Renaud’s daughter claims the environment was designed to encourage her father to break the record since the winning record was posted on a blackboard, and the owner whispered to Renaud at one point, “only 12 more to go.”



Source: Gawker