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Rock News

Chester Bennington Was Excited To Scream Again With Morton

Lamb Of God guitarist Mark Morton said in a new interview that he needed the blessing of someone close to late Chester Bennington to include the song they recorded together on his forthcoming solo album and that Chester was excited to be able to "scream again". Morton...

Aerosmith Hollywood Walk Of Fame Ceremony Postponed

Aerosmith's scheduled February 14 Hollywood Walk Of Fame ceremony was postponed due to severe weather, frontman Steven Tyler revealed to fans via social media. "Folks, we tried to get our star today... but its underwater and we forgot our scuba gear!!," tweeted Steven...

“Rage Yoga” Is Yoga . . . but with Beer, Yelling, and Cursing

  I'm pretty sure that when ancient Hindu gurus invented yoga, this isn't how they pictured it.   There's a new unofficial type of yoga called RAGE YOGA.  And it involves doing yoga poses while you yell . . . curse . . . and drink.   Their website says it'll help...

What? You Can Now Buy Def Leppard and Guns N’ Roses Cheese

There have been plenty of artists who have put out their own wines and beer, but THIS is a first:  The grocery chain ALDI is putting out '80s themed CHEESES based on acts like DEF LEPPARD and GUNS N' ROSES. The cheeses hit stores TODAY, and they're a very limited...

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Why I don’t have a girlfriend

Be Me wear corpse paint spend hours painstakingly attacking spikes to battle jacket carefully handcrafts patches style hair in counter-cultural way pay blacksmith for ~authentic~ Warhammer acquire band shirts at great expense takes good care of band shirts re-stains...

Homegrown Talent

Every Friday from 9pm-10pm Q94.5FM puts the spotlight on local talent. Listen live to Q94.5FM or stream at q945therock.com …And The Hero Prevails has been together since '09 with no plans on slowing down. 2018 was probably our most succesful year opening up for bands...