2 Drunk Guys Crash in Ditch and Tell the Cops Their Dog Was Driving

This happened a few weeks ago but the story just came out.

On the 11th, 65-year-old William McDonald and 42-year-old Steven Schofield of Tahlequah, Oklahoma drunkenly crashed their minivan into a DITCH.  Or maybe they didn’t . . . at least if you believe THEIR story.

When the cops got there and found the minivan in the ditch, William and Steven told them it wasn’t their fault . . . their DOG was driving.

For some reason, the cops didn’t buy that.  Both of them were arrested for public intoxication . . . and their designated driver-slash-dog was taken to an animal shelter.

They will be able to get the dog back.

(ABC 8 – Tulsa)

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