$500 Black Sabbath Tickets for $4. Fans Win

If you’re a BLACK SABBATH fan, obviously you’d love to see them in concert. But how much MORE awesome would it be if you paid next to NOTHING for the tickets?

Well, that’s what’s happening for a bunch of fans in England. On Friday, the company that’s promoting a concert at Hyde Park in London accidentally sent out an email offering tickets for £2.50 . . . which is about $4.25 in American currency.

And THOUSANDS of people bought them.

It’s also not JUST a Black Sabbath concert. The line-up also includes Black Sabbath, Soundgarden, Faith No More, Motorhead, Soulfly, and 14 other bands. Some of the tickets were SUPPOSED to go for 500 BUCKS.

According to the promoter, someone accidentally sent the email out wide, and it was only supposed to go to employees at a few companies they partner with. But all of the tickets WILL be honored.

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