A Guy Got Stabbed While Delivering Pizzas to a Hospital . . . and Still Made the Delivery

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A 25-year-old college student named Josh Lewis works part-time as a pizza delivery guy in Louisville, Kentucky. And he was about to drop off an order at a hospital on Sunday afternoon, when he got CARJACKED.

A guy ran up . . . stabbed him in the BACK . . . drove off in his Jeep Cherokee . . . and left him there bleeding

Luckily he was already in the parking lot of the hospital . . . and the pizzas were supposed to go to the E.R.

And how’s this for dedication? He STILL delivered the pizzas. Basically he handed them off to someone before he collapsed on the floor, but still . . . awesome.

He needed surgery for a collapsed lung, so they ended up taking him to a bigger hospital down the street. But it looks like he’ll be okay.

Police are still searching for the carjacker.


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