A Guy Won a Car, Sold it, So He Could Give His Employees a Bonus

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If you’ve ever worked in fast food, you know the perks aren’t great . . . usually unlimited access to French fries, that’s about it. But a bunch of Burger King employees in Arizona recently got a lot more.

A guy named Tom Barnett runs a company called Barnett Management that owns 24 Burger King franchises in Arizona.

And they recently won Burger King’s national “Franchisee of the Year” award, which comes with some pretty sweet prizes . . . for Tom anyway.

The corporate office gave him a brand new Corvette and a Rolex. And even though his employees didn’t get anything, they say they were happy for him, and just excited to win the award.

But then Tom got together with his co-owners . . . decided to SELL the prizes . . . and use the money to give all their longtime employees a BONUS.

He and the co-owners threw in some of their own money too, and gave out a total of $120,000 to more than a hundred people.

The bonuses ranged from a few hundred dollars to 5,000 bucks. One manager told the local news that hers was almost an entire month’s pay.


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