A Plane Crash Landed In a Tree and Caught Fire

A single-engine plane lost altitude right after takeoff, and crashed into a tree in Foley, Alabama on Tuesday, about 30 miles southeast of Mobile. Then it burst into flames, but the pilot survived. And a security camera on a business next door got it on video.

It shows a few people run in to help him. But it’s already on fire, and then a bunch of fuel on the ground ignites. So they can’t really do much. Luckily he was the only one on board, and after about two MINUTES he managed to jump out of the cockpit.

The pilot’s name is Russell Smith, and he looks like he’s about 60. In the end, he had a small cut on his hand, and said he’ll probably be sore for a while . . . mostly from jumping out of the plane. But he wasn’t even planning to go to the hospital.

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