A Woman’s Dead Body Halloween Decoration Has Led to Daily Visits From the Cops

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A woman named Larethia Haddon decorated her house in Detroit for Halloween last Tuesday. And the centerpiece was a fake corpse. She dressed up a dummy in some clothes, and put it face down on her lawn.

Apparently it’s pretty realistic . . . because when people saw it, they started freaking out and calling 911. The cops went out to the house three days in a ROW after they got calls about a dead body.

People have even stopped and tried performing CPR on it. (???) Well, we’ve seen photos of the dummy, and it SO doesn’t look any more realistic than your average fake dead body around Halloween.

The cops say it’s not ILLEGAL to have a fake corpse like that, they just wish it looked faker.

I guess the bright side of the story is that the police in Detroit are still willing to respond to reports of a dead body?

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