AC/DCs “Back in Black” Is the Third Album to Go 25 Times Platinum

AC/DC’s 1980 masterpiece “Back in Black” just went 25 times Platinum . . . which means it has moved 25 MILLION copies.  It’s only the THIRD studio album to hit that milestone.

MICHAEL JACKSON’s “Thriller” is still king, at 33 times Platinum . . . followed by the EAGLES’ “Hotel California” at 26 times Platinum.  The Eagles’ “Greatest Hits” still holds the overall record, at 38 times Platinum.

Speaking of milestones, METALLICA’S so-called “Black Album” has now spent 550 non-consecutive weeks in the Billboard 200.  That’s just over 10 and a half years, and it’s only the fourth album ever to get there.

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