AC/DC’s Drummer Arrested for Trying to Have Two Men Killed (UPDATED)

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AC/DC drummer PHIL RUDD was arrested yesterday for attempting to have some DIRTY DEEDS committed. Specifically, he’s accused of trying to hire a guy to kill two other men. There’s no word if the assassin’s rate was DIRT CHEAP.

Police raided Rudd’s home in New Zealand, where they also found pot and meth. Rudd was released on bail after a court hearing, where he didn’t enter a plea. There’s no word who the intended victims are, or why he wants them dead.

(Here’s video of Rudd in court.)

Rudd is 60 years old. He was in AC/DC from 1975 to 1983, when he was kicked out for personal problems . . . including frequent clashes with the now-retired MALCOLM YOUNG.

At that point, Rudd retired to New Zealand and bought a helicopter company. (???) But he rejoined the band in 1994, and has been their drummer ever since. He also released a solo album in August.

There’s no word yet from AC/DC . . . who have an album called “Rock or Bust” coming out December 2nd.

Rudd wasn’t present for a video shoot for two of the album’s songs, and he doesn’t appear in the band’s latest promotional photo. There’s no word if that’s somehow related to his legal problems.

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The wild murder-for-hire charges against AC/DC drummer PHIL RUDD have already been dropped . . . due to “insufficient evidence.” But he’s still facing charges for “threatening to kill” and possession of meth and marijuana.

Still, even though he’s 60 years old, Rudd is getting more interesting by the DAY. Because now we’re hearing he’s quite a PLAYBOY.

A “source” tells the “Sydney Morning Herald” that Rudd had been receiving threats recently . . . due to the type of female company he’s been enjoying.

He says, quote, “The girls that he gets, working girls and that, their partners get pissed off. He tells them ‘Nah, I’m not paying you,’ and then the partners come and say they want their money . . .

“The amount he spends on company is like someone’s yearly wage . . . he’s the Hugh Hefner of Tauranga.” That’s the name of the town in New Zealand where Rudd lives. Oh, and technically, Hefner isn’t in the business of HOOKERS.

Meanwhile, AC/DC posted this statement on Facebook: Quote, “We’ve only become aware of Phil’s arrest as the news was breaking. We have no further comment. Phil’s absence will not affect our new album and upcoming tour.”

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