Ace Frehley Prepared To Replace Tommy On KISS Farewell Tour

Original KISS guitarist Ace Frehley said in an interview that he is prepared to put his upcoming solo tour dates on hold if he gets a call to replace the band’s current guitarist Tommy Thayer on this farewell tour.

Ace appeared on a SiriusXM show (listen here) late last year and had this to say about his former band’s End Of The Road tour, “There’s always a chance I might get that emergency phone call. “But pretty much I think it’s built into my… I told my agent to build into my contract, in the event I do get an emergency phone call and KISS wants me to join the tour and take over for Tommy, that I can get out of the dates that I have booked for the summer.

“So we’ll see what happens. You know me – I’m the kind of guy that says ‘never say never.’ But at this juncture, I have no plans on performing on the upcoming KISS tour, and I haven’t gotten any phone calls or had any correspondence. So that’s where it stands at this juncture.”

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