Aerosmith Farewell Tour Reports Addressed By Joe Perry

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(hennemusic) As Steven Tyler makes headlines with his solo debut and talk of a possible Aerosmith farewell tour launch in 2017, guitarist Joe Perry says the group continue to keep their options open.

“It’s one of many things we’ve talked about as a band, but I don’t know it it’s the end,” Perry tells Guitar World. “We take it from album to tour and day to day. It’s the same philosophy we’ve always had.

But even if that final tour comes about, it could go on for two years. There are still a lot of places we haven’t played yet that we want to play. More to follow; let’s just put it that way.”

As he makes the rounds to promote the July 15 release of his debut solo album, “We’re All Somebody From Somewhere”, Tyler recently told Howard Stern that the Boston band will begin a lengthy farewell tour next year.

“I love this band, I really do,” explained the singer, “and I want to squash every thought that anybody might have that the band’s over. We’re doing a farewell tour but it’s only because it’s time.”

When Stern asked the singer to confirm the news about a farewell trek, Tyler replied “I think so, next year.”  more details here,

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