Aerosmiths Joe Perry Might Have Suffered a Heart Attack Onstage Last Night

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Photo Credit: bayek photography

AEROSMITH guitarist JOE PERRY might have suffered a heart attack onstage last night. He was playing Brooklyn with the HOLLYWOOD VAMPIRES . . . his band with ALICE COOPER and JOHNNY DEPP . . . but he didn’t last long.

During their version of Spirit’s “I Got a Line on You” . . . Perry had to sit down on the drum riser. Then he stood up and left the stage. It was the first song of the night. (Here’s video.)

The “New York Post” says he suffered cardiac arrest at 9:30, and actually COLLAPSED backstage. He was revived and taken to Coney Island Hospital, where he was in stable condition as of last night.

The band kept playing, and someone in the crowd even got video of Perry being carried off on a stretcher behind them while they did David Bowie’s “Rebel Rebel”.

According to one witness, Alice told the crowd, quote, “If you notice one of our brothers is not onstage with us, he was very sick before the show.” After the show, the band posted, quote, “Joe Perry is stable and resting. His brother Vampires and fans wish him a speedy recovery.”

Ironically, the Hollywood Vampires’ thing is paying tribute to all their “Dead Drunk Friends” . . . which is even the name of an original song on their debut album, where they cover songs by artists who are no longer with us. Joe is 65.

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