Angelina Jolie Wants to Play Boba Fett’s Wife

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In the new issue of Interview magazine, ANGELINA JOLIE talks to an actor named Domhnall Gleeson.  She directed him in“Unbroken”, and he’s in “Star Wars 7” . . . so obviously, the conversation went there.

And we learned who Angelina’s favorite character is.  She said, quote, “I’m personally a Boba Fett fan.”  Boba Fett will be the subject of one of the upcoming stand-alone “Star Wars” movies.

And when Domhnall suggested she could get a part if she wanted one, She replied, quote, “Can Boba Fett have a missus?  Well, put in a good word for me, then.”



(Really this story is just an excuse to mash up Angelina Jolie and Boba Fett into the same photo)

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