Are you ready for No Shave November (Movember)? Three Ways Facial Hair Makes You Healthier

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It’s “Movember” again, when guys are supposed to grow mustaches to raise awareness for cancer. But did you know that just HAVING a mustache or a beard comes with a few health benefits? Here are three of them.


1. It helps with allergies. Mustaches and beards catch pollen before it gets into your nose. And having it stuck in the hair actually helps your immune system get used to it, so allergies aren’t as bad. It also helps with asthma, because it catches dust mites.

2. It lowers your risk of skin cancer. One recent study found that a thick beard can protect your face from up to 95% of U.V. rays. Other studies have found it doesn’t block quite that much though, so you should still use sunblock.

3. It helps you stay moisturized. Your skin produces a natural oil that keeps it from drying out. And a beard prevents you from rubbing it off. It also protects your face from the wind, which dries your skin, especially in the fall and winter.


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