(NC-17) The Best Way to Please Your Woman Is With the Filthiest Kind of Sex?

Best Way to Please Your Woman
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Here’s genuine proof that the only way to REALLY enjoy sex is to get DEVIANT with it.

ESPN’s statistic website FiveThirtyEight.com just crunched some numbers from a sex study, and found a truly fascinating result: The only type of sex that’s almost GUARANTEED to get a woman to finish is the FILTHIEST kind.

The study found that only about two-thirds of women reach their climax during traditional sex. (CAREFUL!) But about 80% get there when you go downtown, and 94% do when you involve the NO-GO HOLE.

Interestingly enough, it’s better for the CATCHER than the PITCHER. Only 89% of men say they finish when they’re the one performing the deviant stuff.

(Five Thirty Eight)

Best Way to Please Your Woman

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