Black Sabbath Announced Their Final Tour Dates . . . Still No Bill Ward

BLACK SABBATH announced a 2016 tour, and they’re promising that this is the end. In fact, they’re even calling the tour THE END. They made the announcement in a video that does NOT mention drummer BILL WARD.

The band is billed as just OZZY OSBOURNE, TONY IOMMI, and GEEZER BUTLER. Ward has been on the outs with his bandmates since they got back together to record and tour behind their comeback album “13”.

Ward has said the contract he was offered was unfair, but the band claimed he wasn’t physically able to participate in the reunion. Basically, the last time Ward truly participated in Sabbath was a tour in the late ’90s.

The new tour goes from North America to Australia and New Zealand. It kicks off January 20th in Omaha, Nebraska . . . and wraps up on April 30th in Dunedin, New Zealand.

The tour was announced with a video that frankly seems pretty low-budget for a band of their stature. It’s got the cheesy computer graphics of a daytime TV commercial for a local law firm.

The narrator’s deep, ominous voice isn’t deep or ominous enough. And there’s a part where he says the guys in the band were, quote, “barely out of their teens” when they started . . . and in the onscreen transcription, “teens” has an apostrophe before the “s”. (Check out the dates here.)

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