The Shocking Truth About The First Black Sabbath Album

In a new interview with Guitar World magazine, Sabbath’s Tony Iommi and Geezer Butler reveal that not only was the band’s 1970 debut recorded in a single day (February 13, 1970), it was supposed to take two days and they didn’t even use the second day!

“We had two days to do it, but we didn’t know any better,” Butler says. “We just went in there and recorded it like a live gig.” Butler says Sabbath weren’t even there for the mixing because they had to scoot off to a gig in their rickety van.

So what would Black Sabbath have sounded like if the band took two days to record their namesake debut instead of one? Who knows? By the sounds of Iommi and Butler’s interview, it doesn’t sound like the band would have used that second day even if they didn’t have a gig, since they were so well-rehearsed and completely prepared to throw it down live. It’s fun to speculate, and it’s also fun to note that the follow-up, Paranoid, was recorded just four months after Black Sabbath was released.

That one took a whopping five days.


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