“Bohemian Rhapsody” is the Most-Streamed Song of the 20th Century

Thanks in part to the movie of the same name, the QUEEN classic “Bohemian Rhapsody” is the most-streamed song of the 20th Century, with 1.6 BILLION streams.  At least that’s what Queen’s label says.

“Bohemian Rhapsody”has entered the Hot 100 three separate times.  It peaked at #9 when it was released in the U.S. in 1975.  It got all the way back to #2 in 1992, thanks to its use in the movie “Wayne’s World”

And last month, thanks to the new movie, it re-entered the Hot 100 at #33.  It was inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame in 2004.

Queen guitarist BRIAN MAY says, quote, “So the River of Rock Music has metamorphosed into streams!  Very happy that our music is still flowing to the max!”


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