Brian Johnson Could Return to AC/DC in Six Months, If There’s an AC/DC to Come Back to

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Earlier this summer, former AC/DC singer BRIAN JOHNSON seemed optimistic about returning to the group, after meeting with an ear specialist. He was trying out a new in-ear technology that he hoped would improve and protect his hearing.

Now, there’s talk that his return could be just SIX MONTHS AWAY, which seems wild, considering just six months ago, he thought his career was over for good. The specialist says they have to ramp things up a little, but that he expects the tests to “go very successfully.”

Of course, in six months there may not even be an AC/DC to come back to. Remember, it’s just Angus Young, and Axl Rose, I guess. Malcolm Young and Phil Rudd are gone, and Cliff Williams has also announced that he’s retiring.

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