You Can Now Buy a “Lion Killer Dentist” Halloween Costume

Lion Killer Dentist Halloween Costume
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I guess we should’ve seen this coming. A company called just started selling a brand new costume for Halloween 2015: The “Lion Killer Dentist.”

If that doesn’t ring any bells for you, then you must’ve been on a deserted island a few weeks ago. A dentist named Walter Palmer killed a famous lion named Cecil on an African hunting trip.

The costume comes with a dentist’s smock covered in fake blood splatters . . . white surgical gloves covered in fake blood splatters . . . a few dentist tools for the front pocket . . . and a fake SEVERED LION’S HEAD.

It sells for $60, and 15% of the proceeds are going toward a wildlife foundation.

33-year-old Johnathon Weeks is the founder of Costumeish, and he’s already anticipating the backlash.

Quote, “Halloween is a really tricky day . . . it’s almost [about] desensitizing things. Maybe our money has Cecil’s blood on it. I’m not here to offend anybody, I’m just here to keep things questionable.”



Lion Killer Dentist Halloween Costume

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