The Extraordinary Charlie Corona

The Extraordinary Charlie Corona

The Extraordinary Charlie Corona - Charlie Corona KFRQ Q94.5

Charlie Corona is the DJ fueled by that rare combination of high octane testosterone and ethnically inspired fideo.

Raised in San Benito, he quickly became aware of the power of heavy metal, headbanging and the importance of developing powerful and intimidating quadriceps. Charlie has a Master’s degree in Sociology and a Bachelors’s degree in the timeless art of seduction. His heroes are F.D.R. for creating The New Deal, L.B.J. for implementing The Great Society and Dwight Yoakum for always wearing tight pants.

Additionally, local folklore claims the film “Magic Mike” is loosely based on his college years. His proudest possessions are his ‘85 Impala and an autograph of Ted Dibiase. Incidentally, Charlie Corona has an incurable obsession with professional wrestling. He once applied the figure four leg lock to an assistant manager at Luby’s for suggesting that “Freddy Fender wasn’t cool.”

His hobbies are volunteering at animal centers, listening to rockabilly and stage diving at Slayer concerts into fellow minorities.


Charlie Corona