Chewbacca Was Arrested, While Campaigning for Darth Vader?

A guy who dresses as Darth Vader and legally changed his NAME to “Darth Vader” has been running for mayor of a city in Ukraine. The election was on Sunday, and unfortunately and he didn’t win.

But there’s a great video of someone dressed as Chewbacca getting ARRESTED for campaigning for him. It happened outside a polling station, because it’s illegal to campaign there on election day.

It shows him struggling with four cops, who finally manage to push him up against a van and cuff him. And the “Imperial Death March” is playing on a stereo in the background the whole time.

He ended up being fined about $8, but said he couldn’t pay it because his money is in a, quote, “intergalactic bank that has no branches on this planet.” There’s also a great photo of him sitting in court looking all roughed up. (Check it out here.)

A political group called the “Internet Party” runs a lot of “Star Wars” characters for public office in Ukraine, and they were the ones behind it. They also ran Vader for prime minister last year.

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