Chris Cornell's Widow Says the Band Never Reached Out to Her After His Death

The legal battle between SOUNDGARDEN and CHRIS CORNELL’s widow Vicky continues.  In newly-released legal documents, Vicky says the band never even reached out to her after Chris died.


“It’s egregious that after Chris died that the band claims they were concerned and contacted the crew, but they neglected to ever contact Vicky Cornell or the children to see if they were OK or to see if they were doing alright.

Yet they claimed they were always there for her, but they never contacted her by phone or text or any other way.”

Vicky sued the rest of the band in December, claiming they’re withholding hundreds of thousands of dollars in royalties, in order to force her to turn over unreleased recordings Chris made before his death.  The band wants to use them to make a new album.

But Vicky also says Chris never signed a partnership agreement with the other guys because he was, quote, “tired of others unfairly capitalizing on his creative talents, or, in his words, ‘the stupid communist [B.S.].'” 

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