Two Congressmen Had a Brief Debate Over Whether or Not Nickelback Sucks

We’re constantly complaining that our Congressmen aren’t doing the work of the people.  Well, I’m happy to report that yesterday, two members of the House of Representatives got into a debate about something that MATTERS:

Whether or not NICKELBACK SUCKS.  (!!!)

No, it didn’t start out as a debate about Nickelback.  It started with Wisconsin Democrat Mark Pocan arguing that only four in 77,000 of his constituents were in favor of a provision in a particular bill.

He compared that to, quote, “the percent of people who think Nickelback is their favorite band.”

Well, Illinois Republican Rodney Davis could NOT let that stand.  He said, quote, “Why would you criticize one of the greatest bands of the ’90s?”  He even bravely admitted to having Nickelback on his playlist. 

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