Cops Recognize a Guy on a Stolen Motorcycle . . . So Instead of Chasing, They Just Wait at His House

This guy must’ve thought he was the fastest and furiousest man on the planet . . . at least for a few glorious minutes.

There’s a 38-year-old guy named Brandon Briggs from West Jordan, Utah.  And on Saturday night, the cops pulled him over on his motorcycle.  But it turns out it was stolen . . . so Brandon took off.

And the cops were about to start chasing him . . . until one of them realized they recognized Brandon.

So instead of following him, they just drove to his house.

Meanwhile Brandon was speeding away, probably thinking he’d just intimidated the cops with his killer speed and sick driving . . . until he got home about an hour later and found them waiting in his driveway.

He was arrested for possession of a stolen vehicle, failure to stop, and a parole violation.

(FOX 13 – Salt Lake City

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