Cops Thought They’d Arrested Scott Weiland . . . But It Was an Imposter Who Fooled Them for a Month

Yesterday, TMZ reported that former STONE TEMPLE PILOTS singer SCOTT WEILAND has spent the last month in jail on $95,000 bond . . . after being arrested for stealing razors and “other cosmetic items” from a Rite-Aid.

Supposedly, he’d eluded a security guard on his way out of the store . . . and when the police caught up to him they didn’t just find razors . . . they found METH.

After this was posted, Scott posted a video on Facebook saying he has no idea what TMZ is talking about. He called it “fiction” . . . and said he isn’t in jail, he’s in the studio.

And that got everyone wondering who the heck was sitting in that jail cell.

Well, late last night, the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department confirmed that the guy they have in custody is AN IMPOSTER. This guy apparently looks so much like Scott that he pretended to be him when he got busted on July 26th.

He told the arresting officers that his name was Scott Weiland . . . and he got away with that ruse for FOUR WEEKS.

But now that the cops have run his prints, they know he’s actually some dude named Jason Michael Hurley. They’ve also added “impersonating a Stone Temple Pilot” to the charges.


Scott Weiland
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