Crobot Release ‘Low Life’ Video

Crobot have released a new music video for their track “Low Life”. The song comes from the band’s forthcoming studio album “Motherbrain”, which is set to hit stores on August 23rd.

Frontman Brandon Yeagley had this to say, “Gather ’round Beardos! Getcher ears to watch and your eyes to listen to the Crobot channel’s Low Life transmission. What we’re selling is kid-tested & Motherbrain approved. And you too can have your own Low Life anthem for the one time only low, low price of your soul! Just sign right here…annnnnd here…”

He also described the song with this,

“It’s an anthem about this outside perspective on the definition of a lowlife. There’s a misconception that being a touring musician without a lot of money makes you a lowlife, but how is that really any different from the rest of the world? And, if that does make you a lowlife, we’re okay with it!”

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