Dave Matthews Flagged Down a Car with a Dave Matthews Bumper Sticker . . . to Ask for a Bar Recommendation?

Say what you want about his music, but DAVE MATTHEWS is an interesting guy. Two years ago, he hitchhiked to his own concert after his bike got a flat tire, and then treated the people who picked him up to dinner and front-row tickets.

And now this: On Monday, Dave got stuck in traffic near his hotel in Atlanta . . . and noticed an SVU with one of those DAVE MATTHEWS BAND “fire dancer” bumper stickers.

So he hopped out of his car, knocked on the driver’s window, and asked the woman inside if she could recommend a decent bar in the area. She suggested one . . . took a photo with him . . . and drove off. Dave hasn’t commented on the story.

(TMZ has the photo of the girl with Dave.  And here’s what the fire dancer looks like.  By the way, it’s unclear whether the fan went to one of his shows in the area, or if he gave her tickets.)

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