Eight Rock Hall Induction Highlights, Including Yoko Ono Calling Ringo Starr “The Most Influential Beatle”

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The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony went down Saturday night.  The televised version won’t air on HBO until May 30th . . . but here are eight highlights:



1.  One of the more interesting quotes came from Yoko Ono, who called Ringo Starr the, quote, “most influential” member ofThe Beatles in a backstage interview.  And no, she didn’t mean the most influential SURVIVING Beatle.



She said, quote, “No one is probably going to believe it, but he was the most influential Beatle.”  She didn’t elaborate directly . . . but she added that when she came onto the scene, Ringo was the most popular Beatle.



Quote, “John would go up and down and all that, but Ringo was always just very gentle.  And he really believed in peace and love . . . he just sort of embodies peace and love.”



She also took a shot at the Hall for taking so long to induct Ringo:  Quote, “John got it, then George got it, then Paul got it.  So why didn’t they think about Ringo?”




2.  During Ringo’s speech, he offered up this helpful tip for musicians in a band:  (Careful!)  Quote, “If you fart, own up.  It’ll cause hell if you don’t own up because everyone will blame everyone else.  Make a pact that you’ll own up to it.  We did, and that’s why we did so well.”



(Here’s UNCENSORED video of his speech.  The line is at the 8:50 mark.)




3.  When Paul McCartney was inducting Ringo, he had this to say about the first audition:  Quote, “Most of the drummers couldn’t nail the drum part.  It was a little bit difficult to do, but Ringo nailed it.



“I remember the moment, standing there, and looking at John [Lennon] and looking at George [Harrison] and the look on our faces was . . . [effing] . . . what is this?  And that was the moment, really, that was the beginning of the Beatles.”



(Here’s UNCENSORED video of Paul. The line is at the 3:15 mark.)




4.  Ringo closed out the show by performing Boys with Green Day . . .  It Don’t Come Easy with his brother-in-law Joe Walsh . . . and With a Little Help from My Friends and “I Wanna Be Your Man” with Paul, and basically everyone else who was there.




5.  As we were warned beforehand, Miley Cyrus was there to induct Joan Jett.  She gave a speech, which a lot of people actually liked . . . but then in true Miley fashion, she ended up topless, and wearing only NIPPLE PASTIES with “Js” on them, for “Joan Jett.”  She was also sporting some ARMPIT HAIR.



(Here’s a NSFW photo . . . here’s an amusing NSFW photo of her and Joan with Paul McCartney . . . and here’s a SFWpicture of her and Joan.)






(RollingStone.com has the transcript of Miley’s speech, which began with, quote, “I’m going to start off this induction with the first time I wanted to have sex with Joan Jett.”)



Related Comedy:  (CAREFUL) . . . At the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction, Miley Cyrus said she once wanted to have sex with Joan Jett.  Jett shot her down because although she loves rock ‘n’ roll, she doesn’t love STDs.




6.  Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters performed with Joan . . . so it was kind of like he was returning the favor for her joining him for a “Nirvana” performance last year.



She did “Bad Reputation”, the Runaways’ classic “Cherry Bomb”, and her cover of “Crimson and Clover”, which she did alongside Miley, Dave, and the original singer, Tommy James of the Shondells.




7.  Green Day drummer Mike Dirnt thanked the Ford motor company for, quote, “creating the Ford Econoline van, the best damn van any smelly touring band could have.”  They performed “American Idiot”, “When I Come Around”, and “Basket Case”.




8.  Patti Smith opened her mostly serious speech inducting Lou Reed with the details of an intimate conversation they shared in a hotel bathroom.



She said, quote, “I found him in the bathtub dressed in black.  So I sat on the toilet and listened to him talk.  It seemed like he talked for hours, and he talked about, well, all kinds of things.



“He spoke compassionately about the struggles of those who fall between genders. He spoke of pre-CBS Fender amplifiers and political corruption.  But most of all, he talked about poetry.”  (Here’s UNCENSORED video of that.)



(RollingStone.com has even more highlights . . . and here is a series of links to all their Rock Hall content, which includes transcripts of a lot of speeches.)



(And the Rock Hall’s site has a big gallery of photos.  And here’s an UNCENSORED higher-quality video montage.)

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