Floyd Mayweather Won What Most People Thought Was a Very Boring Fight . . . and Jamie Foxx Butchered the National Anthem

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As anyone who shelled out $100 for the pay-per-view will angrily tell you, the FLOYD MAYWEATHER / MANNY PACQUIAO fight was a pretty boring match.

Floyd won by avoiding Manny and throwing enough punches to sway the judges in his favor. The decision was unanimous.

But MIKE TYSON summed up what most people were feeling with this Tweet . . . quote, “We waited 5 years for that . . . #underwhelmed”

Most celebrities who Tweeted about the fight felt the same way. Comedian IKE BARINHOLTZ saud, quote, “It was a great night for multi-millionaires trying to not get hit in the face.” (Check out more celebrity reactions here and here.)

After the fight, Manny said he didn’t want to make excuses, BUT . . . he had suffered a shoulder injury before the match, and the Nevada State Athletic Commission refused to let him have an anti-inflammatory shot, so he was basically fighting one-handed.

Before the fight even happened, somebody put a video up on YouTube that accurately predicted the fight. It’s a parody of the old video game “Punch Out”, but with Pacquaio as Player 1 and Floyd as the boss.

Before even getting to fight, Manny has to agree to all of Floyd’s demands. Then the actual fight is 12 rounds of Manny missing his punches, and Floyd clinching.

Then, just as Round 12 is about to end, Floyd connects with ONE PUNCH while Manny is too tired to do anything. And the referee jumps in and calls . . . “Meh.”

But thanks to all the pre-fight hype, pay-per-view revenues topped $400 MILLION.

If the fight was bad, JAMIE FOXX’s national anthem was worse. A LOT worse. Although it sounds like MISSY ELLIOTT thought he nailed it.

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