Gene Simmons is No Longer Trying to Trademark the “Horns”

GENE SIMMONS withdrew his petition to trademark the heavy metal “horns” sign.  He didn’t say why, but here are a couple guesses for you:

  1.  It was a stupid, stupid, stupid idea.
  2.  He was receiving scorn and ridicule from not only the entire rock and roll community, but from anyone and everyone else who heard about it.
  3.  He was actually trying to trademark the sign language symbol for “I love you,” not the devil horns.
  4.  Did I mention it was a stupid, stupid, stupid idea?

The kicker would be if this was only TEMPORARY . . . like maybe he’s going to re-apply for the trademark, only with the thumb FOLDED IN, so there’s no conflict with the “I love you” symbol.  Hopefully not, but I wouldn’t put it past him.

(Check out his no-longer-active petition here.)


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