(GoPro Video) A Guy on a Motorcycle Hit a Fire Truck Head On, and Survived

A 24-year-old in L.A. was riding his motorcycle around a blind curve back in April . . . hit a fire truck HEAD ON . . . and somehow SURVIVED it.

He broke an arm, and had two compound fractures in his left leg. But the firefighters had medical equipment, and got him airlifted out, so he made it. And he posted GoPro footage of it on YouTube, so you see the crash from his point of view.

Then the camera falls off of his helmet in the crash, but it keeps recording. And his friend picks it up, so you see him lying on the ground while the firefighters are helping him.

(It happens at 2:40, and you can see him lying on the ground after his friend picks up the camera at 11:06.)

(Then he says his leg hurts at 15:11, but he can’t remember what happened. And the helicopter starts circling overhead around the 17-minute mark, but you don’t actually see it land.)

(Warning: He says the S-word right before it hits him, and his friend drops steady F-bombs throughout the rest of it.)

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