Guns N’ Roses Says Axl Rose Has 2 Albums Already Recorded

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By Marissa G. Muller (

The last we checked in with Guns N’ Roses, frontman Axl Rose said that the band was halfway into the follow-up to Chinese Democracy and had a remix album of their 2008 album ready to go.
Now it seems like Rose has been even more prolific.

According to an interview with guitarist DJ Ashba at Guitar International, Rose has two albums nearly ready to go.

“Axl, of course, has, I believe, two complete albums worth of songs already recorded and probably a s**tload of other stuff I’ve never heard,” he said. “He’s played me quite a bit of stuff that’s phenomenal, and, hopefully, I can get my hands on it and put my little stamp on it, before all is said and done.”
Whether that material includes the followup to Chinese Democracy that Axl mentioned is unclear, but either way, Guns N’ Roses have new songs on the way.
The only holdup? Getting everyone into the studio at once.
“Lack of songs is not our problem. It’s just getting into the studio. And there’s been more and more talk about getting in there before the end of the year, which I’m really excited about,” Ashba said, adding that it’s a lot harder to record with Guns N’ Roses than it is with his band Sixx: A.M. “A machine like Sixx: A.M. isn’t as nearly as hard to move as a machine like Guns N’ Roses with eight guys. It just takes a little more to turn the wheel.”
As for what Guns N’ Roses new material sounds like? Fans will be pleased by Ashba’s description: “Sounds like classic Guns N’ Roses. It’s very much what I grew up on, what I loved about the band.”
Ashba’s news is somewhat similar to that of fellow Guns member Dizzy Reed, who said in July that the new record was “close” if it wasn’t done already.

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