Ironic Justice? A Guy gets robbed right after he just Robbed a Gas Station

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Rarely does justice come as swiftly and ironically as this.

24-year-old Christopher Voshell of Des Moines, Iowa robbed a gas station on Monday night, so he could have some money to go drinking at a bar. He stole about $200 from the clerk.

But as he was leaving the gas station, a car started following him. And when he got to the parking lot of the bar, a guy jumped out and robbed HIM . . . and stole the money he’d just stolen.

So Christopher responded by . . . calling the cops and telling them he was robbed.

But they realized he was the person who’d just knocked off the gas station, so he was arrested for aggravated theft and a probation violation. As far as we know they didn’t catch the guy who robbed him.

(ABC 9 – Cedar Rapids)

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