James Hetfield Wanted to Sing Like Chris Isaak on Metallica’s Black Album

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Was JAMES HETFIELD trying to sound like “Wicked Game” singer CHRIS ISAAK on “The Black Album”? Well, yes, actually.

Bob Rock produced the album, and on a recent podcast he explained, quote, “[James] said, ‘Bob, I’ve never really sang before . . . I’ve just kind yelled.’

“He played me a Chris Isaak record, and he said, ‘On ‘Nothing Else Matters’ and ‘The Unforgiven’, I want to sing. How do you sing like this?'”

Bob said he worked with him so that he could become a good enough singer that he wouldn’t have to double his voice in the mix.

He added, quote, “We set it up so he was comfortable and had a great vocal sound, and then he sang. Every day he got better, and he got comfortable with it. He became a great singer.”

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