Joe Perry Talks Aerosmith’s 50th Anniversary, Possible New Album

Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry says that the band has no intention of retiring despite next year being their 50th anniversary and he also says that they is a chance the band will make a new album.

Aerosmith - Deuces are wild Album Artwork
Aerosmith – Deuces are wild Album Artwork

Perry told The Star Tribune, “Any gigs we do next year will be celebrated as 50 years. By no means will it be a farewell tour. Maybe we’ll go to 75. We’ll see.”

He was also asked about the possibility of a new album and he responded, “There’s a chance we’re up for it. We’re just getting settled into this (Vegas) thing, and I’m hoping the continuity of playing together like this is going to point the way for us to get back to the studio.

“I’d like to see another album or at least a couple more songs. I know it’s there.”

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