Flight Attendant Charged $2,000 to Join the Mile High Club

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Flight attendants get hit on all the time. But your chances of actually hooking up with one are pretty low. Unless they’re a PRO.

A woman who worked as a stewardess on flights to the Middle East got fired recently, because the airline she worked for found out she was making a ton of money by helping wealthy businessmen join the MILE HIGH CLUB.

Her name hasn’t been released, and neither has the name of the airline she worked for. But apparently she was living in Saudi Arabia.

Supposedly she did it on almost EVERY flight she was on between the U.S. and the Middle East. She charged more than $2,000 per session, and made roughly a MILLION DOLLARS over the course of two years.

They also say that after she was fired, she got DEPORTED. But it doesn’t look like she’s facing any charges.

And apparently this is more common on international flights than you might think. A newspaper in Japan recently did a story about it, and said some of the older flight attendants there basically act like PIMPS for the younger ones.

(Daily Mail)

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