Judas Priest frontman Rob Halford has explained why he trademarked the phrase "Metal God"

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Story by:Martin Kielty

Frontman Rob says it’s all for the fans – as Judas Priest release another clip from Redeemer Of Souls

He took the legal step to ensure the description couldn’t be used in commercial ventures like computer games. But he’s previously said he’s not fully comfortable with using it himself.

Appearing on Later With Jools Holland, Halford recently told the host: “I would never put myself on that pedestal. That’s the title the fans started to give me after the British Steel album.

“It’s something I really cherish – I don’t want anybody else to be the metal god but me.”

Priest have previously confirmed that plans to retire from touring had been rethought, and they’d hit the road in support of upcoming album Redeemer Of Souls after its release next month.

They’ve launched another teaser clip from the record – hear a section of Battle Cry below.

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Judas Priest: Battle Cry (Preview Intro)

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