KISS and Yoshiki Teaming Up For New Year's Eve TV -  KFRQ Q94.5

KISS have announced that they will be teaming up with X Japan star Yoshiki for a special TV performance on New Year’s Eve on Japan’s NHK network.

They will hit the stage for their first televised performance together under the banner of “Yoshiki feat. KISS” (“Yoshikiss”) on “Red and White Music Battle” (“Kouhaku Uta Gassen”), which is the most-watched television program in Japan.

Gene Simmons had this to say,

“It’s an honor to perform on NHK in my favorite country in the world. Yoshiki is a Japanese legend, but he never forgets to have a humble heart. I’ve been influenced by his humble approach to his work.”

Paul Stanley added,

“Not only is Yoshiki a wonderful pianist and drummer, but he continues to express the importance of living and has had a great impact on us.”

Yoshiki shared his excitement,

“I want us to create a performance that will have a big impact. ” think we’re really going to shock people.”